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Who we are

We love technology as it brings people together. Let us help you to love technology too.

We are a two-spirit team with media and tech knowledge of more than 20 years. We can’t predict the future but we have a pretty good feeling on how it will look like. We love to build solutions for your sustainable success. Talk to us now!

Before we talk about solutions let us fully understand your business goals.

Our sustainable, reliable & entertaining service saves you money and benefits your brand.
What We Do

Discover our stunning chatbot product.

SAKO enables you to fully optimize all of your service and customer care processes. Our Facebook Messenger chatbot solution is available as a budget as well as a premium product. Based on the pricing the chatbot is as customisable as your needs. Maybe you just want to reply to the most frequent questions on an automatic base. Or you’d like to have some fun with your clients enabling the chatbot to entertain them. Or maybe you would like to have a fully commercial solution where you can even directly sell your products and services.

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